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The following reviews are found in Dentistria Dental's Google page. To view actual reviews or if you would like to leave a review, please go to Google and search "Dentistria Dental Office".


Michal Lihocký, Slovakia

"I was looking for a dentist that would be close to our office since I don't have much time and my friend recommended this clinic to me. The staff is friendly and very professional. The procedure was painless and they didn't let me wait for too long (as other dentists often tend to do). If you plan to go to a dentist and happen to be in Makati, I would definitely recommend this clinic to you." (May, 2016)

Timo Gloeckner, Switzerland

"After the second time nothing to complain. The first dentist I met in my life where you don't leave with a hurting face after deep cleaning. Can highly recommend it." (April, 2016)

Rej Mabaquiao, Philippines

"I had the best dentist experience here at Dentistria. I'm quite afraid to visit dentist before but it is very different at this Clinic, the receptionist and Dr. Marvin Cruz were both excellent and I can really say that I did not feel any pain at all during my Root Canal procedure. Doc Marvin is very gentle and he keeps asking if I felt any pain or any discomfort during the process but I didn't even once. Best dentist ever. Thumbs up to Dr. Marvin Cruz for a job well done." (April, 2016)

JJ Yong, Malaysia

"The doc is so friendly and solve my problem immediately!! I had been to other dental but they just provide me some antibiotics and ask me to rest with the pain. I can't eat with the pain tho. Luckily my friend intro me with this dental and I can solve my problem asap! Thanks a lot doc!" (April, 2016)

Anreen Torres, Philippines

"I dont usually do online reviews but Dr. Marvin Cruz truly deserves a prop. I just had surgical extraction last month and I'm pleased with the service. I like how he gives a heads up about what will happen and what needs to be done. His words will assure you that you're in good hands. He'll make sure that you are comfortable during the procedure and once done, he will still take time to educate on how we can take care our oral health. I highly recommend Dr. Marvin specially to those who have fears in seeing a dentist. With his skillful approach, great rapport and charm you'll feel relaxed and at ease all throughout. Thank you!" (March, 2016)

Jehson Kin, Philippines

"A friend whom I always envied for having perfect teeth referred Dentistria to me. I must say Doc Marvin saved me from all the wisdom teeth nightmares, and it was even abit of an emergency once. He is very thorough and patient especially since I kinda didn't really pay much attention to my oral hygiene. Doc is here to help me out with this new year resolution, for a surprisingly really affordable price!" (March, 2016)

Daniel O'Sullivan

"Friendly. Good service and quick responses to email." (February, 2016)

Jay O Sapon, USA

"I went on a vacation during the holidays in Manila to have my teeth fixed. I was referred by my good friend back in Vegas who was a patient of Dr. Cruz. He did an implant, a root canal and a bridge made of Zirconia. Everything was miraculously painless! And paid less than half of what the dentist back in Vegas had told me. I couldn't believe it. I felt great and happy for his work on my teeth. Plus a friendly, courteous staff. I appreciate what you did to my teeth doc. I really do." (January, 2016)

Paula Louise Mendoza, Philippines

"Dr. Cruz fixed a filling that fell off, which is very visible when I smile in my front tooth. Not only did he fix the filling, it looks way better than the previous one! It looks very natural (no visible discoloration or difference from the teeth at all), and it feels very natural too! He did the procedure in less than 30 minutes.The office is very clean and cozy with a movie playing while you wait for your turn.Thank you so much Dr. Cruz! I wish I found your office sooner, I plan to go back very soon for cleaning and regular check ups." (December, 2015)

Sergio Stone

"I had 3 dental implants done at this clinic last year and I have to wait for the porcelain crown to be cemented on top of my new dental implants before making this review and the dentist did a super great job! I felt amazing, it really feels like my original tooth. Thank you so much!" (June, 2016)

Apple Cabural, Philippines

"I had a lot of problems with my teeth and i have tried several dentist, but when my officemate referred me to Dr. Cruz I was so happy that i finally found a good dentist. His clinic is very clean, Dr. Marvin and his assistants are very accommodating and never fails to remind you about your schedule. I had two root canal treatments with him and it was painless. Sobrang gaan ng kamay ni doc..I also had Several dental fillings And he really did a great job di mo halatang may pasta... bonus pa na pogi si doc... Thank you so much Dr. Marvin Cruz your the best!!!!" (November, 2015)

Jean Platz, USA

"Doc Sam is the best dentist I have ever had! Not only did he fix all of my dental problems, but just like everyone else, I am petrified of going to the dentist. Doc Sam's didn't just ease all my fears but he has magical hands! I didn't feel a thing, he would always assure me with everything that he is doing and would always check up on my low tolerance of pain! :) I would recommend him to everyone. Your search for the perfect dentist is over!" (October, 2015)

Sonia Lising-Cahalan, USA

"I had an embarrassing amount of dental work done. Doc Sam skillfully executed the plan he devised. He put in new crowns and veneers and could not be happier and satisfied of the results. I've had multiple dental work done in the past, I have to say this was a top notch experience. Now I can smile again. I just came from abroad and new to the area and I found this dentist through a friend. Great staff, excellent atmosphere, very professional. The whole process was awesome! I've never been a big fan of going to the dentist, but Doc Sam and his staff did their best to make a stress-free experience. Doc Sam is very thorough and had a very incredible light hand! I've never had a pleasurable dental experience. I would highly recommend Dentistria Dental Office to anyone looking for a great dentist in Manila particularly the Makati area. So glad I found my dentist for life!" (October, 2015)

Gil Gelario, Philippines

"I had oral prophylaxis and tooth filling in this clinic. I am very satisfied with their service. Doc Marvin is friendly and approachable. He gives heads up if you will feel pain or sensitivity before he performs on the affected area." (July, 2015)

Elisa Manalo, Philippines

"I had oral prophylaxis twice already at Dentistria. It is very easy to schedule an appointment with them especially for people like me who has work M-F. They can accommodate you on Saturdays.I have recommended this clinic to my work mates because I really like their service and I will also be getting my tooth filled here. The fee is reasonable compared to other dental clinics where I have had my tooth filled before." (July, 2015)

Edralin Puyot, Philippines

"Amazing service by Dr. Marvin. Very approachable staff and most especially ang bait ni Doc. :)" (May, 2015)

Ozzie Debil, Philippines

"Very strategic location. Friendly and accommodating staff. Thumbs up to Dr Marvin!" (April, 2015)

Cel Tan (Username: "Toronto Gamer"), USA

"Double thumbs up for Dentistria! My family and I had a very pleasant experience- friendly staff, clean and cozy clinic, and ofcourse, exceptional dentist. I never thought it was even possible to have a painless tooth extraction. Dr. Marvin also took good care of my children. He has his way of making kids feel comfortable. My youngest son didn't get scared at all, infact, he says Dr. Marvin is so cool! Excellent!! Thank you, Dr. Marvin Cruz" (March, 2015)

Mikko Santiago, Philippines

"Simply the best dentist I have ever met.Very Friendly Doc Marvin! :) In terms of the quality, one of a kind. Thank you Doc!" (March, 2015)

Keij Deguchi, Japan

"great experience Dr. Marvin Explained to me what needs to be done . had my tooth filled since my tooth broke few days earlier and he was able to fix it properly and even gave me a warranty if it gets removed he will replace it free of chargealthough he got late for around 15 min but it was ok service is great i will definitely come back here and set an appointment again" (February, 2015)

Maria Teresa Pomary, Philippines

"I've always been scared of seeing a dentist since I was a child, but when I took a courage and scheduled my first ever appointment with Dentistria to have a minor dental surgery, all of my fears banished. It was painless and fast and Dr. Marvin was so friendly as well as his staff. For the record, I had a total of 3 appointments with them and my experience was excellent. I will surely recommend this clinic to everyone I know." (February, 2015)

Yuli Saputra, Philippines

"I went to Dentistria to check my teeth if there are cavities. First time come inside the place, the ambiance is really nice, cozy, and clean. There are music to make you relax during the procedure and you can choose movies while waiting. Dr. Cruz check my teeth and turns out there are 2 needs to have root canal. I saw in the internet that root canal procedure is painful, but turns out it's painless! Thanks to Dr. Marvin Cruz and the nurse who professionaly treat my teeth and patiently treats me who has low pain tolerance. For the tooth fillings, Dr. Cruz using the magic gel, so your teeth still looks wonderful, people won't notice there is filling. Thanks a lot, Dentistria. I recomended everyone to go to Dentistria for the teeth treatment, you will be happy for the result as I do." (January, 2015)

Paola Gabrielli, Philippines

"Had my impacted wisdom tooth surgery a year ago…not only one but two molars in one setting and I had a very good experience at Dr. Marvin’s Dentistria Dental clinic. The whole procedure was quick and painless. Dr. Marvin explained to me everything before starting the procedure. He makes you feel like you're in good hands. Dr. Marvin and his assistant did a terrific job.Also, I had my braces on for about 6 months ago and had to wear them for 2 years. Come and visit Dentistria Dental, Try their easy and affordable payment scheme. All my dental treatments there went super well.I recommend Dentistria Dental, perfect for busy professionals who have time constraints. Dr. Marvin and his staff were very friendly and helpful. They send reminders for my appointment. Many thanks, Dr. Marvin!" (January, 2015)

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